Maskless lithography UV Direct Laser Writer

Laser lithography systems for all requirements

Raith offers laser lithography systems ranging from tabletop systems for up to 4” substrates to standalone systems that cover any sample from 5 mm to 8” and beyond. Raith’s laser lithography systems are user-friendly maskless lithography tools that deliver excellent performance in producing microstructures with the highest resolution available in the market.

Laser beam lithography on your table

MICROMASTER is an entry-level maskless laser writer for laser beam lithography. Its table-top compact design requires minimum cleanroom space, but still delivers uncompromisingingly high-quality resolution below 1 µm and full grayscale capability up to 4096 levels.

Features include:

  • Competitive 0.8 µm resolution
  • Optional writing modes with 1.5 µm, 2.5 µm and 5 µm resolution
  • Long-life 405 nm diode laser
  • 375 nm source optionally available for i-Line resists
  • Automatic switching between writing modes
  • <0.5 µm 2nd-layer alignment accuracy

MICROMASTER enables the creation of various 2D and 2.5D microstructures in photosensitive resists right after installation. Laser beam lithography becomes accessible to everyone with the entry-level MICROMASTER tool, which is already successfully used by different research groups around the world for a broad variety of applications in research, semiconductorsphotonics, mask making, 3D lithography, diffractive optical elements, microfluidics, and many more.

Productlogo of the direct laser writer PICOMASTER

When ultimate resolution matters

The direct laser writers with ultimate resolution

PICOMASTER is a series of direct laser writers that work with a single laser beam to create high-resolution structures. The versatile, low-maintenance laser writer provides best-in-class resolution for features and grating periodicity. The user-friendly PICOMASTER series provides the perfect solution for your laser lithography challenges.

With features such as:

  • Single focused beam writing strategy
  • Down to 0.3 μm resolution
  • 4096-level grayscale lithography
  • Proprietary autofocus even on challenging substrates
  • Up to 8” x 8” exposable area
  • Stitch-free exposure

PICOMASTER direct laser writers offer the perfect solution for your microfabrication needs.

With 405 and 375 laser sources available, a resolution of 300 nm is guaranteed, so that  PICOMASTER direct laser writers produce the highest resolution available in the market. Enhancing innovation strength for scientific and industrial purposes, these maskless direct laser writers unlock unique opportunities for R&D in photonic devices, microelectronics, MEMS, 3D lithography, optical variable devices (OVD), diffractive optical elements, and many more.

PICOMASTER is a PROPER tool for your lab:

PRECISION: Offering high-precision laser power control even for fine doses, autofocus even on challenging samples, and alignment accuracy

RESOLUTION: Enabling best-in-class resolution for both features and gratings, with periodicity down to sub-300 nm features

OPTIMIZATION: Can be optimized to any type of application with tabletop or standalone system selection, appropriate laser source wavelengths, and choice of writing modes

PROFILING: Providing ultimate grayscale capability up to 4096 levels without affecting exposure speed for best-in-class 2.5D resist profiling

EASE of USE: Easy sample handling supported by inhouse-designed aligning tools and a powerful user interface for convenience in working with most common file formats

REDUCED MAINTENANCE COST: Smooth, quick, and cost-efficient maintenance with maintenance-free motion platform and long-life optical module (10,000 hours), which is easy to replace with no need for a service visit