Total Quantum Efficiency Solutions for Solar Cells:

Enlietch’s solar cell Spectral Response /Quantum Efficiency calibration capability gets the Calibration Lab. accreditation of ISO /IEC 17025 (TAF) in 2012. Enlitech is the first manufacturer who gets this accreditation in Spectral Response /Quantum Efficiency measurement field. Enlitech’s QE-R system is developed in accordance with IEC, ASTM standards and refers to the measurement procedure of primary metrology institutes to determine Spectral Response /Quantum Efficiency of photovoltaic devices. The QE-R system can also install optional transmittance/reflectance functions and customized testing stages. Enlitech’s QE-R system provides users the one-for-all solution for Spectral Response /Quantum Efficiency measurement for solar cells. It is now implemented by target research centers and major cell manufacturers to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.

Item No. : QE-R


  • “Exclusive” two DSP dual-phase lock-in amplifiers, which monitors the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.
  • “Exclusive” integrated computer-controlled signal switch can reduce cost for maintenance and consumables.
  • High-efficiency light collection system exceeding 70 % collecting rate and provides accurate and stable measurement.
  • Czerny-Turner multi-gratings monochromator with low stray light ( < 10-5), provides precise and rapid measurement.
  • Stable lamp system for long testing time and less calibration time.
  • High repeatability over 99.5 %
  • For various types of solar cells measurement.

System Description:

  • Designed in accordance with IEC 60904-1, 60904-7, 60904-8.
    • Can measure Spectral Response and External Quantum Efficiency.
    • White Light Bias Intensity can reach 0 to 3 solar constants (The same grade as Fraunhofer ISE).
    • Automatic zero-bias function provides a stable short-circuit condition for the solar cell under testing.
    • Integrated system, easy to operate or install.
    • Auto band-gap calculation, provides critical material characteristics.
    • The system can provide customers the most accurate correction parameters by calculating mismatch factor.
    • Provides the most accurate calculation of the whole spectrum short-circuit current density by auto-interlace method.
    • Short-circuit current density spectrum can be the reference for material analysis and process improvement.
    • Provides IQE calculation function. Customers can input the reflectivity of the device to obtain the IQE information.
  • High-efficiency light elliptical reflector:
    • Light collection efficiency > 70 %
    • Provides accurate and stable measurement.
  • Czerny-Turner multi-diffraction gratings monochromator:
    • Low stray light <10-5
    • High stability and fast scan rate.
    • Spectral range can reach 200 nm ~ 2000 nm.
  • Dual-beam optical design:
    • The same design as NIM, NIST and PTB.
    • Monitors the light intensity while acquiring the current signal, which ensures the measurement accuracy.
  • Signal multiplexer:
    • QE-R integrates computer-controlled signal switching multiplexer.
    • Helps customers reduce wiring errors.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio can reach 100 dB, the result of the overall system optimization.
  • DC mode function for DSSC solar cells.
  • High uniformity detector.
Items Specifications:
Dimensions 600(W) x 600(D) x 610(H) mm integrated system, excluding the computer
Weight Main body:80Kg
Mode AC mode
Wavelength Range 300 nm ~ 1100 nm
Spot Size 2 x 2 mm2 or 1 x 4 mm2 (Customizable)
Integrated Lamp System
  1. 150W XQ lamp, instability<0.1 %
  2. Provide 300 nm~2000 nm continuous light
  3. High-efficiency elliptical reflector system with three-axis adjustment knob
  4. Lamp timer
  1. Czerny-Turner multi-grating monochromator
  2. 0.1 nm wavelength resolution
  3. Scanning range 200 nm ~ 2000 nm
Filter Wheel
  1. Can hold 6 filters
  2. MCU / manual-controlled
  3. LED display
Chopper 4 Hz ~ 500 Hz,computer-controlled frequency
Lock-in Amplifier
  1. Two DSP dual-phase lock-in amplifiers integrated in the system
  2. Can capture dual-beam signal simultaneously

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