We provide simulation software and measurement hardware for research and development of OLED and solar cells to our customers in industry and academia. Our software is used to gain insight into device operation and for optimizing device performance.

OLED Research

Solar Cell Research

 Scientific tools for OLED lighting and display.  Scientific tools for organic solar cells, perovskite solar cells and other photovoltaic technologies.

 Fluxim Products

setfos-thin-film-simulation-software.png paios-solar-cell-measurement-tool.png phelos-oled-characterization.png loass-upscaling-simulation.png

Simulation Software for Thin-Film Optics and Drift-Diffusion

Measurement Platform for Electro-Optical Characterization

Measurement Tool for Angular-Dependent OLED Emission

Simulation Software for Upscaling to Large Areas

Simulate light emission and absorption, light scattering and charge transport of solar cells and OLEDs with Setfos. Paios performs various opto-electrical experiments on solar cells and OLEDs with one click. Store measurements in a database, analyse, compare and postprocess it directly in the Paios software. Phelos measures the spectrum of OLEDs over various angles. From the data the emission-zone (position and orientation) of the device can be determined. Simulate large area OLEDs , displays or solar cells with our flexible FEM-solver.
  • Photo-CELIV,
  • Impedance Spectroscopy,
  • Capacitance-Voltage,
  • Transient Photovoltage (TPV),
  • Transient Electroluminescence (TEL),
  • Transient Photocurrent (TPC),
  • Dark Injection Transient (DIT),
  • IV & IVL, Charge Extraction,
  • Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy (IMPS),
  • Intensity Modulated Photovoltage Spectroscopy (IMVS),
  • Modulated Electroluminescense Spectroscopy (MELS)
  • OLED efficiency
  • Viewing angle
  • Emitter orientation and position
  • One click operation
Large area FEM simulation software for OLED and solar cells
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