Their mission is to be your one-step source for affordable semiconductor production systems and consumables, used is semiconcuctor fabrication, MEMS & Biotechnology.

Every day, you are being challenged, to create smaller and more powerful microchips in the cleanest and most cost-efficient way possible. With our expertise in wafer handling tools and wet process equipment, we offer you a wide range of semiconductor equipment products and customized solutions for all your major process step.
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FirstNano® is CVD Equipment Corporation’s research and development (R&D) brand of products. Various academic research centers, industry leaders, and government research labs worldwide have purchased the system and are employing it currently in their research. CVD Equipment Corporation specializes in the manufacture of innovative, high quality process equipment suitable for the synthesis of a variety of thin films, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS, nanostructures, nanomaterials, and other applications. The FirstNano® line of systems are applicable to nanoscale research that intersects cross-functional disciplines in semiconductor, applied physics, biotechnology, chemical, and mechanical engineering fields. FirstNano® branded process system models include; EasyTube®, EasyCrystal™, and EasyGraphene™. In addition to our R&D process systems,  we offer a complete line of gas storage, gas delivery, and gas abatement systems under the FirstNano® brand. These system models include; EasyGas™, EasyExhaust™, and EasyPanel™.


Bruker Nano Surfaces provides industry-leading surface analysis instruments for research and production. Our broad range of 2D and 3D surface profiler solutions supply the specific information needed to answer R&D, QA/QC, and surface measurement questions with speed, accuracy, and ease.

Bruker’s AFMs are enabling scientists around the world to make discoveries and advance their understanding of materials and biological systems. Our tribometers and mechanical testers deliver practical data used to help improve development of materials and tribological systems.

Industry-leading quantitative nanomechanical and nanotribological test instruments are specifically designed to enable new frontiers in nanoscale materials characterization, materials development, and process monitoring. And with our nanoIR technology, Bruker is now the world leader in photothermal IR spectroscopy from the nanoscale to the sub-micron and macro scales.

Whatever your surface measurement and surface analysis needs, whatever your material or scale of investigation, Bruker has a specialized high-performance solution for you.

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Perfect Vision for Science™
The lit microscope base and the lit octagonal optical head are trademarks of CRAIC Technologies, Inc. CRAIC Technologies, 20/30™, 20/30 PV™ and “Perfect Vision for Science” are all trademarks of CRAIC Technologies, Inc. Instrument features offered depend upon instrument configuration.  Features listed here may not be present in some configurations. Features and specifications depend upon instrument configuration. Specifications subject to change without notice. UV-visible-NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers and Raman microspectrometers are general purpose laboratory instruments. They have not been cleared or approved by the European IVD Directive, the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other agency for diagnostic, clinical or other medical use.


As the only manufacturer of superresolution microscopes, abberior develops and sells proprietary fluorescent dyes and labels ideally suited for superresolution microscopy, such as STED, MINFLUX, GSD, PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SIM and RESOLFT. They also give outstanding results in confocal and epifluorescence microscopy as well as in single-molecule applications. Our mission is to become the leading supplier for fluorescent labels in superresolution microscopy.


Enlitech is a professional manufacturer of scientific instrument. They are dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing scientific and laboratory measurement equipment to be used in the fields of materials science, machine vision, photovoltaic testing and analysis.The company provides a complete and reliable solution for scientific study, inspection certification and manufacturing. They combine the optical and electrical integration with software and we have succeeded to help customers achieve excellence and breakthrough results in the development of solar cells, new materials research and the imaging sensor (CMOS sensor), camera (including mobile phone cameras, industrial cameras and scientific cameras).

Since 2012, they have been building up sales channels and service centers in mainland China, Japan, the United States, the Middle East, and India. They are committed to providing customers with complete measurement and analysis systems and providing prompt and suitable solutions to help them achieve industrial upgrading and technological innovation.


EverBeing Int’l corp. was founded in 1993. At the beginning of the establishment, we have represented American and Japanese manual probe station for semiconductor testing industry in Taiwan market from 1993 to 1997. As most of the customer comment on the pricing for probing hardware. We started to develop and manufacture the probing tips as our first product line. Through the support of the university lab., we have opportunity to repair and modify other brand probe station. The technology and experience has been enhanced from case to case to make our own product line. In order to make more product for local and global customers, we rigorously have developed the probe station for LCD, cryogenics and RF application in 2001. In addition to those standard line,we are in research and development for the following product to announce Semicon Taiwan 2003.

  • Vibration Free Table
  • Mask Inspection Station
  • PCB Inspection Station
  • LCD/OLED Inspection Station
  • LCD Sheet Resistivity Station
  • Laser Repair Station
  • Used Microscope Upgrade from 4″ to 6″,8″ or 12″
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Luminescence Technology Corp. (Lumtec) is an acknowledged world manufacturer in organic chemicals. Over ten years of abundant experiences developing innovative organic optoelectronic materials in the markets of OLED, OPV, OTFT have led Luminescence Technology to become renowned company in the chemical synthesis industry in North America, Europe, Asia and Taiwan. The company is now present in 7 locations worldwide to support its customers’ demanding applications. Lumtec product-range includes OLED, OPV, OTFT, Organic Intermediates, Boronic Acid, ITO Patterned Glass and components, developed and manufactured in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. These innovative materials reputed for their unique expertise carry the Lumtec brand-name as a guarantee of high performances and cost-effectiveness. Most of our products are kept in stock of semi-bulk quantities to offer customers the service of just-in-time delivery. Continuously, Luminescence Technology Corp. keeps developing more advanced and innovative organic optoelectronic materials to support customers always the up-to-date products. We specifically offer custom synthesis and OEM/ODM products. Lumtec R&D team are professional experts to make related materials on demand of intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, as well as derivatives of lead compounds, which are designed for ordering in scale range from grams to kilo-grams.
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Micro to Nano is a company specialised in innovative, practical and useful microscopy supplies for electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques. With a combined experience of over 50 years in electron microscopy, sample preparation, imaging technology and product distribution we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. Most of the microscopy supplies, and especially the electron microscopy supplies, are designed by us and manufactured by highly specialized partner companies. This enables us to supply our customers with state-of-the-art, high quality products needed for the task at hand. High quality microscopy supplies and consumables are essential for microscopy specimen preparation and for producing optimum results. Succesfull specimen preparation is a crucial step in getting the best images and reliable data from your samples. Micro to Nano offers its product to customers in all European countries and beyond from its centralized office and warehouse located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Being close to major transportation hubs ensures fast delivery. We aim to have common products in stock, other items we can get relatively quickly through our network of partner companies. Since many products are manufactured under our control, we are able to offer first-rate products against competitive pricing.
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From the starting point of one of the first scanning electron microscopes commercially imported into the USA and three employees, Dr. Garber directed the company’s growth into a facility with 30+ employees and thousands of dollars worth of electron optical equipment. Over the years, our analytical equipment capabilities have been expanded to include other types of electron optical instrumentation such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis (EDS) instrumentation. With our in-house instrumentation we can provide images covering a wide range of materials, from life sciences to the materials sciences, and from relatively large samples and features down the very finest of nanostructures ever seen. We also have facilities for performing light microscopy, ultramicrotomy (room temperature and cryo), vacuum deposition, ion milling, and a variety of other techniques including osmium plasma coating of SEM samples for those requiring the very highest resolution. Few independent analytical and testing laboratories can offer such a powerful combined capability today. Although for many years we presented ourselves as Specialists in Materials Research, today we are equally comfortable and experienced with a wide range of life science samples as well as medical devices and biomaterials. Our failure analysis reports are used in legal cases internationally and a final report from the Structure Probe staff is respected and accepted globally.

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 The present TL company was founded in 1990 by Research Institute of Technical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, and by famous scientists like Prof. Norbert Kroo, Prof. A. M. Prohorov (Nobel Prize Laureate, 1964), Prof. Árpád Barna and Dezső Szigethy, internationally recognized members of the scientific community. The owner’s list was often subject to change during years. Today Technoorg Linda is mainly privately owned. Research and development of new methods and instruments is run jointly by our own team and researchers of selected university and academic institution members. The company’s mission statement is the following: Ensuring highest-quality ion beam thinning for all kinds of materials and samples. Research and development in environmental monitoring and measurements. Modelling and monitoring of aerosol-caused health effects. In order to satisfy the quality requirements of our customers Technoorg Linda has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard since 2004. The aim of TL’s sales policy is to bring our services as close as possible to the end users. For this end the marketing department established a network of representatives, the number of local points is gradually expanding.
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Kleindiek Nanotechnik is a young, customer oriented high-tech company. With an innovative and powerful driving concept we are entering new space in micro- and nano-positioning. The company founder Stephan Kleindiek invented the Nanomotor® in 1991 during his PhD thesis at the University of Tuebingen. This motor and subsequent inventions of rotational motors based on the same principle are the foundation of Kleindiek Nanotechnik’s products. Due to miniaturisation in semiconductor technology, optics, micro-mechanics, medicine, gene- and bio-technology, highly precise positioning techniques are becoming increasingly important. Our products meet and exceed customer’s requirements, offering them a new level of precision. Our customer-driven approach is focused on providing complete and innovative solutions for each of our market segments: researchers, industrial customers and enterprises. Our product development philosophy is the direct solution of the specific underlying problem. The simplicity, homogeneity and harmony of our designs guarantee maximum manoeuvrability and highest resolution while maintaining the smallest outer dimensions.