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Plasma Etcher/Asher Plasma Etcher/Asher

SPI Supplies offers a complete line of cleaners and etchers for your sample preparation needs. From the UV Prep for removal of hydrocarbons from SEM samples to low temperature etcher/asher Plasma Prep III, the parallel plate and reactive ion etcher systems and the high energy microwave plasma systems, we cover the complete range of systems.

UV Prep  UV Prep

The ultraviolet system for the ultimate cleaning of SEM specimens! Remove surface contamination from handling and normal open air environmental conditions for better resolution of your samples.

Plasma Prep III Plasma Cleaner for TEM Holders Plasma Prep III – Plasma Cleaner for TEM Holders

The SPI Plasma Prep™ III Plasma Cleaner is a compact “bench top” sized plasma cleaner, that uses the “dry plasma process” for the removal of contamination on the TEM specimen holder.

Plasma Prep III Plasma Prep III

The Plasma Prep III (PP III) is the new generation of the popular and long serving Plasma Prep II RF based unit. With its compact tabletop design and ease of use, the new generation now employs a solid state design to deliver the same 100W system performance. Furthermore, the small footprint allows the system to fit neatly in most any laboratory environment.

Plasma Prep X  Plasma Prep X

For laboratory applications, the typical plasma etcher has a “”barrel”” design, or in other words, a cylindrical or barrel geometry to the reaction chamber. One feature of this design is that any point on the surface to be etched can be approached with equal probability from all directions, leading to an etch that is described as being “isotropic”.

Plasma Prep RIE Plasma Prep RIE

The SPI Supplies Plasma Prep Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE) is a table-top plasma chemistry reactor designed to provide anisotropic etch plasma technology at a moderate cost.

Plasma Prep Jr.  Plasma Prep Jr.

The SPI Plasma Prep Jr. provides a technical and economic alternative to other plasma etchers. Using microwave energy, the Plasma Prep Jr. can be used in failure analysis and it also removes organics and some inorganics (and their oxides) from a variety of surfaces.

SPI Plasma Prep II Replacement Parts  SPI Plasma Prep II Replacement Parts

SPI Plasma-Prep II (11005-AB, 11005-AX), a compact, “bench-top” sized plasma etcher, which can also serve as a plasma asher or even a plasma cleaner, uses dry plasma chemistry to reveal hidden detail for SEM and TEM analysis. This room-temperature plasma etching process works selectively, gently – and is well-suited for many applications in the EM lab, including work in: life sciences, materials science, electronics, AEM, failure analysis and general electron microscopy, including asbestos sample preparation*. Additionally, it is also widely used for the cleaning before use of microscope slides, both glass and quartz, and it is also used for the cleaning of transmission cells for a variety of different types of spectroscopic instrumentation.

For our Plasma Prep II Instruction Manual.

Operation of the Plasma Prep III

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