UV Microscope

UV microscope: CRAIC Technologies UV microscope systems allow the user to image items that cannot be seen with commonly available microscopes that only cover the visible range. This capability is useful in diverse fields such as a protein crystal analysis for drug discovery to contamination control for semiconductors to interior circuits in bonded silicon devices. The following links contain more information:

UVM-1 UV Microscope

The UV microscope is designed to image in regions beyond the visible range. While the usable spectral range of this microscope covers the UV, visible and near infrared regions, their optics and light sources are optimized so that they are more effective in the UV region. As such, there are many uses for UV microscopes as they can non-destructively image microscopic samples in regions other than the visible.

Pharmaceutical & Biology

Locating Protein Crystals Pharmaceutical quality control Active ingredient dispersal imaging Contaminant analysis Cellular Imaging

Semiconductor & Displays

Locating microscopic contaminants on devices Ultra-high resolution imaging Materials research OLED development Microfluidic Device Development


Mineral imaging Petroleum analysis


Clearcoat imaging on paintings Dye identification on textiles

And more…

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