UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer

CRAIC Technologies™ specializes in developing superior UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions: we build instrument to collect spectra and images of sample features ranging from sub-micron to hundreds of microns. CRAIC Technologies products include UV and NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers, instruments to measure thin film thickness and colorimetry on the microscopic scale, Raman microspectrometers, automation solutions, traceable standards and more. Applications are numerous: research in materials science, chemistry and physics, forensic science, semiconductor metrology, quality control of optics and flat panel displays, vitrinite coal testing, protein crystals, vision research and much more. Click here to find out more.   The Microspectrophotometer measure the UV-visible-NIR, emission and Raman spectra of microscopic samples. Microspectrophotometers are designed to measure UV-visible-NIR spectra of microscopic samples or microscopic areas of larger objects.  There are two basic types: the fully integratedmicrospectrophotometer (as shown) that has been built and optimized for spectrophotometry.  There is also thespectrophotometer unit designed to attach to an open photoport of an optical microscope.   Each has its strengths and depending upon the configuration, both are capable of measuring the spectra of microscopic samples by transmission, absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, emission and polarization spectrophotometry.   With special software, both are capable of thin film thickness measurements and micro-colorimetry as well. A CRAIC Technologies™ microspectrophotometer is a purpose-built system that allows UV-visible-NIR range microspectrophotometry both non-destructively and with no sample contact.  Capable of analyzing even sub-micron areas, they are also capable of high resolution digital imaging.  Designed for ease-of-use, they are durable instruments designed for microscale spectroscopy.     UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer: an instrument designed to measure the UV-visible-NIR spectra of microscopic samples by transmittance, reflectance, polarization, fluorescence, and other types of luminescence. With specialized software, they can be used to measure thin film thickness, colorimetry and more. The following links have more information:

20/30 PV Microspectrophotometer

Microspectrophotometer Emission Spectra Measured with a Microspectrophotometer